Ada Lovelace was a brilliant English mathematician. Today is her 197th birthday and she is being honored via Google Doodle. She has been an inspiration to me for quite some time. My introduction to Ada came by way of reading James Glieck’s wonderful book, “The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood.” The historical grounding math,… Continue reading Ada

Understanding 2-Way Network Communication

What is 2-way network communication? My answer to that question would sound something like this: it happens to be a near instant connection between 2 network nodes where each node transmits and receives messages. I would hope that my definition is sufficient. Its pretty clear, though, that my definition is less than ideal for mass consumption. The… Continue reading Understanding 2-Way Network Communication

Microsoft Surface & Android

If you ask most people today about tablet’s, the first thing they’re likely to think about is the iPad. While Microsoft’s recently announced surface tablet has generated a lot of buzz on tech websites, they’re going to have to introduce it to customers in a few months. So there’s going to be a big marketing push… Continue reading Microsoft Surface & Android

Google Plus & The Dashboard

The latest build of Google Plus for Android was rolled out a few days ago. While there are many UI updates, one of the changes is significant. The dashboard design pattern, it seems, has been deprecated. When you login into the current build of Google plus you land on the “What’s Hot” view. This view… Continue reading Google Plus & The Dashboard

Little Androids

The latest round of Android phones are making their way to the market, and they are faster, bigger, and boast more features than the current generation. While the customary “which phone is the best” news stories are circulating the web it feels like something’s off. Android phones are talked about much like laptops and that’s… Continue reading Little Androids

On Gesture Search

I recently discovered Google’s Gesture Search app and I have used it quite a bit for the past week. My experiences so far have been positive. The app provides a canvas where you draw alpha-numeric characters. Drawing a character or a “gesture” initiates search that scans your apps, music, bookmarks and contacts. This process can be… Continue reading On Gesture Search

Patent Wars: August 15 Update

The mobile industry is in the middle of a “patent war,” which led to Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility  (soon to be called googarola?) today. While there have been lawsuits in process for sometime, the lawsuits started in March. Apple sued HTC and Samsung because of certain “similarities.” HTC and Samsung fired back. Meanwhile, Microsoft continued suing Android… Continue reading Patent Wars: August 15 Update

Google Reader learns to Play

The good folks of Google’s Reader product recently released an experimental feature called Play. Play has a few nice features and the experience of using it is very different from any other app offered by Google. This feature seems like an application that was designed for the so-called Google tablet. Building on the tablet idea,… Continue reading Google Reader learns to Play