Smartphone Downgrade & Communication Questions

I have been an Android user since December 2009. Since then I have owned the Droid Eris, Droid Bionic and the Droid Razr M. I got the Razr M few weeks ago and it’s a great phone.  Prior to the Razr M, though, I was (it feels really weird and confessional saying this) a Blackberry… Continue reading Smartphone Downgrade & Communication Questions

Predicting Social Media Trends and Maybe More

Recently an interesting story was published that brought to my attention the development of a method of predicting which topics will trend on twitter. The method, or algorithm, was developed at MIT and will be presented at the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Information and Decision in Social Networks. Being able to predict what will trend on… Continue reading Predicting Social Media Trends and Maybe More

Smart Ubiquitous Stuff & Dashboards

In 1988 a brilliant computer scientist by the name of Mark Weiser introduced a new phrase to describe a new paradigm of computing. That phrase was Ubiquitous Computing and it refers to “smart” and networked devices embedded within our environments. We are living in the era of ubiquitous computing. Our lives have changed dramatically in… Continue reading Smart Ubiquitous Stuff & Dashboards

Microsoft Surface & Android

If you ask most people today about tablet’s, the first thing they’re likely to think about is the iPad. While Microsoft’s recently announced surface tablet has generated a lot of buzz on tech websites, they’re going to have to introduce it to customers in a few months. So there’s going to be a big marketing push… Continue reading Microsoft Surface & Android

Folding News Papers

Lately, my Sunday’s have been spent reading the NYTimes, and, I happy to report, I have refined my News Paper management abilities. What is News paper management? It may sound somewhat operational in nature, but let me assure you, in this article, it refers to the art of folding a news paper neatly and elegantly.… Continue reading Folding News Papers

Enjoyable Riff

I had a wonderful time reading the a New York Times Magazine article this weekend. It talks about how language usage among bloggers, and perhaps the internet, may have been inspired by David Foster Wallace. It also riffs on the sort of writing that promotes likability at the expense of un-popular specificity. For example: Qualifications… Continue reading Enjoyable Riff

Going Offline: A Story

This entertaining article is the first post in a 6-part series where the author, a writer/cartoonist, writes about his experiences of going offline for 4 months. I really enjoyed the series. I tried a similar experiment, but I only refrained from all social media for 6 week, earlier this year. The experience, and the insights one gains… Continue reading Going Offline: A Story