Agriculture Co-creation Sessions: Two teams, two weeks weeks

2019: Demo day

Just wrapped up a co-creation session with one of our strategic partners: Rabobank, which is the largest global agriculture finance companies. A team of about 10-12 Rabobank employees joined us in the Nairobi. The goal was to develop a long term and scalable model for agriculture financing. There were a lot of ideas and even… Continue reading Agriculture Co-creation Sessions: Two teams, two weeks weeks

Traveled to Uganda for MasterCard’s InnovationExpress (a.k.a Hackathon) to mentor 10 teams on UX Design, Personas, Customer Journey Maps, and selling your product.

I flew a short 2 hour flight from Nairobi to Addis Ababa where I will attend the 10th annual ICT conference. The theme of Digital Ethiopia aligns very closely with the work I’m doing in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  In particular, I shall be attending sessions on Financial Services, Agriculture, Health, and Education.

Hackathon: Building IoT solutions for Coffee lovers everywhere

2015: As part of a hackathon, my team built 'order ahead' functionality by hacking by hacking Keurig machine.

On Monday, November 9th, I’ll join Mastercard’s digital payments user experience team. Through a wonderful set of circumstances, I get to participate in a Mastercard hackathon before I officially start, which is great. The hackathon, Masters of Code, was organized to build a stronger relationship between software engineers and Mastercard’s developer tools. I was part… Continue reading Hackathon: Building IoT solutions for Coffee lovers everywhere

SXSW 2015: Persuasion and Habit Formation

I sat through a good SXSW workshop titled “Psychological Architectures for Persuasive Tech.” The workshop introduced a few key concepts of persuasion, influence,  and how to help people build habits. The presenter, Brian Cugelman Ph.D, walked us through what he calls the Interactive Influence Model. This model was informed by Robert Cialdini’s popular book, “Influence:… Continue reading SXSW 2015: Persuasion and Habit Formation

Droidcon NYC

Earlier in the year Google held their annual conference, Google IO, and there was a greater emphasis on UX & Design. It seems that trend is continuing. This past weekend I attended Droidcon NYC and there were a number sessions that focused on design.  I sat in on Roman Nurik’s walk through of  Material Design,… Continue reading Droidcon NYC

2014 Northside Festival: Innovation

I attended the Northside Festival. The festival has been around since 2009 and is best described as Brooklyn’s answer to SXSW. Here are a few notes: The Collision of Technology & Retail: Lessons Learned Building E-Commerce Brands Online retail brands are creating retail experiences. Customers want their In-store purchases delivered at a later time. Empowering the Most Important Caregiver… Continue reading 2014 Northside Festival: Innovation