Agriculture Co-creation Sessions: Two teams, two weeks weeks

2019: Demo day

Just wrapped up a co-creation session with one of our strategic partners: Rabobank, which is the largest global agriculture finance companies. A team of about 10-12 Rabobank employees joined us in the Nairobi. The goal was to develop a long term and scalable model for agriculture financing. There were a lot of ideas and even… Continue reading Agriculture Co-creation Sessions: Two teams, two weeks weeks

Data Models & Refactoring

I don’t know how many of these conversations I’ve been a part of. 100s at this point. Common though these conversation maybe, they will surely become less and less frequent – esp. as products mature and stabilize. So, I thought it best to capture the moment.

Traveled to Uganda for MasterCard’s InnovationExpress (a.k.a Hackathon) to mentor 10 teams on UX Design, Personas, Customer Journey Maps, and selling your product.

I flew a short 2 hour flight from Nairobi to Addis Ababa where I will attend the 10th annual ICT conference. The theme of Digital Ethiopia aligns very closely with the work I’m doing in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  In particular, I shall be attending sessions on Financial Services, Agriculture, Health, and Education.

Learning with Udacity

Udacity is a massive open online course (or Mooc) platform and I recently completed the Android Developer Nanodegree, which was developed by Google. The experience was mostly positive but, like all products, there’s some room for improvement. Udacity has a number of strengths: the educational material is developed with industry partners and is relevant, the content (delivered via… Continue reading Learning with Udacity

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