Product Design, Innovation & Impact

I’m an experience designer with over 12 years of experience. Functionally speaking, I have led design methodology to deliver intuitive products and services across the globe, including projects in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Practically speaking, I’m a creative-analytic who is often reframing ideas and asking open-ended questions to challenge teams. Naturally empathic, I build consensus in cross-functional team settings. 

While I’m very collaborative, I do have my opinions. Experience design extends beyond the constraints of the interface. The extent to which a product organization understands this, is the extent to which products will meet experiential potential and ultimately product excellence. I appreciate and have ample experience in using various design methodologies (e.g. design thinking, human-centered design, etc.), but to achieve excellence, I believe we must set our sights well beyond the confines of methodologies or processes.

In my current role, I lead experience design across both commercial payments and strategic growth products. The commercial work focuses on B2B payments and SME use cases, while strategic growth looks to building new products and services to include unbanked or underbanked people in the formal financial world (aka financial inclusion). What unifies these divergent portfolios is solving pain points at the ecosystem level and applying best practices to design for very different kinds of users.

Conference Presentation

I recently spoke at the ID4Africa conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference brings together regulators, non-government organizations and technology companies to advance the development of responsible and scalable Digital ID systems in the global south. 

My session focused on how to scale functional identity systems, in Agriculture, by driving utility and real world relevance. The event allowed me to make the case for ecosystem level collaboration, which is necessary to achieve meaningful scale.