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Amha Mogus

I currently work as the Director of User Experience for Mastercard’s Lab for Financial Inclusion, based in Nairobi, Kenya. I use design do deliver experiences that empower individuals, promote inclusion, and deliver products that digitize industries, such as agriculture and micro-retail in emerging markets.

I’ve used human-centered design methodologies for 12+ years in multiple industries and advised a wide range of companies. At Isobar, a design consultancy, I worked with Bloomberg, MSCI, Avis, Enterprise, HBO, Bayer, and many others. 


When I'm wearing my researcher hat, here's what I try to do: Understand a given market, the consumers, their pain points, and the the cultural drivers of behavior change.


As an Experience leader, I help organizations think through their go-to-market, the service models, create concepts and build prototypes to quickly go from ideation to interaction.

Test & learn

How do we know we're delivering a valuable concept? Do users really need the solution? Is it easy to use? These are the questions I tend to explore. There's a strong bias towards rapid feedback.