User Experience Design leader that uses Innovation to improve social impact and create more equitable economies

Current Focus

I lead a design team at Mastercard that has been tasked with solving for Financial Inclusion. In practical terms, that means I use human-centered design methodology to build products for first-time digital users and/or underserved communities in emerging markets. As such, much my work has recently focused on digital transformation in  agriculture, micro-retail, education, healthcare, computer vision, and last-mile delivery. 

Looking for design work?

Given the sensitive nature of my work, I do not share my work publicly. Contact me if you’re interested in working together or collaborating. 

Research & Photography

Photography has been a hobby for 20+ years.  I’ve found a way to channel this hobby through work. My camera usually accompanies me during field research and/or user testing. My photography allows me to hone my visual story telling.

Recent Talk

I spoke at the 2019 ID4Africa conference about my work in Agriculture. My session focused on how to scale functional identity systems by driving utility and real world relevance. 


The event allowed me to make the case for ecosystem level collaboration, which is necessary to achieve meaningful scale. 

Past Work

I have worked with many companies/organizations  across many industry verticals.